Uncover the secrets to bouncing back better and stronger, no matter what life throws your way.

This isn't just another show filled with fluff and fake highlight reels…

The Resilience Factor is an intimate encounter with vulnerability – a raw, behind-the-scenes look into the trials and tribulations that most people often hide deep inside.

On this show, you’ll experience a variety of episodes.

From unfiltered stories of grit and determination that our guests will share to solo episodes where I share my insights and lessons from my own setbacks, as well as interviews with experts that can help equip you with the tools needed to overcome any hardship you’re facing (or will face in the future). 

By the end of each episode, you won’t just be inspired… you’ll be empowered to walk through life’s fires and come out stronger for it!



Season 2

This season is all about the listeners. Season 2 shows are all live Q&A call in shows, where listeners get to be the star and gain valuable insight to their most burning business and marketing questions.

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I'm Adrienne Richardson...

host of The Resilience Factor. I’m a mama to 2 amazing teenagers and owner of a 7-figure digital marketing business in Nashville, TN.

Unlike other podcasts I’ve hosted, this show doesn’t highlight my 17 years of expertise in business and marketing.

It’s not filled with the latest Facebook ad strategies and tactics.

This podcast is personal for me.

I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses grow their companies through the ad campaigns I’ve managed for them.

During that time, I’ve met incredible men and women who’ve overcome unbelievable hardship.

And despite the hard things they’ve experienced, they are driven, empowered, successful and making huge impacts in the lives of others. 

From health, marriage, friendships, business, finance…

I've seen beauty come from ashes...

…in their stories and in my own.

That’s why I created The Resilience Factor

On this show you’ll hear from expert guests who understand the human mind and heart and will equip you with the tools to navigate your own hardships. 

You’ll be inspired as you hear stories from others that have found purpose in their pain and have dedicated their lives to changing the world. 

You’ll also get to know me better through solo episodes where I get real and vulnerable about my own hardships and the lessons learned from them.

I’m so happy you’re here!


Are you ready to tell your story?

We’re seeking awesome individuals to share their unfiltered stories on our show. If your journey is marked by scars that tell tales of endurance, courage and a spirit that refuses to break, then we would be honored to have you as a guest. Complete an application and our team will contact you if you’re a good fit.

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