Chris Webb: When Speaking Up Was the Difference Between Life & Death

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Police Officers witness the worst of humanity every day. They hardly have time to process some of the horrific things they’ve just seen before they’re off to their next call. Over time, in order to cope with the evil they interact with, they shove down the trauma deep inside and never talk about it. 

In fact, talking about it isn’t safe, because they could lose their jobs if their peers or boss thinks they’re not mentally tough. So they find other ways to numb the feelings. Numb the pain. Numb the trauma.

But this doesn’t only happen to law enforcement. We all experience this in one way or another. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away though. It continues to fester… until some day, you’re forced to face it. And by that time, it’s often ruined many parts of your life. 

In this episode, Chris Webb, a former police officer, shares his experiences and the challenges he faced during his time as a law enforcement officer. 

If you’ve ever been afraid to speak up to a boss, a friend or even a spouse about an internal suffering that you’re carrying, I invite you to listen to this episode with Chris Webb.

It just might set you free.

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About Chris

Chris Webb was born in Dallas Texas and graduated Baylor University in 1994. In 1997 he joined the Dallas Police Department as a Patrol Officer and served in this role for 10 years. He continued his career as a SWAT Officer for another 10 years before retiring in 2007. Today he serves as a State Police Officer for the Texas Attorney General’s Office in the Fugitive Apprehension Unit.

He’s married to Judge Rainey Webb, Criminal Court Magistrate and they have 18 year old twins Gibson and Gabby. In 2019, he and his wife founded Righteous Oaks Retreats, a 3-day retreat for current and former law enforcement officers to seek counseling to combat the internal and external pressures of their profession.

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