Ashley Pereira: This One Thing Helped Heal Childhood PTSD

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In this episode...

In this episode I’m joined by entrepreneur, mentor and speaker, Ashley Pereira.

Ashley’s journey in healing her complex PTSD from her childhood trauma is a beautiful story of redemption and faith.

Like many of us, it wasn’t until adulthood that she started to discover the true weight of the pain and trauma she was carrying and how it affected her personal relationships and self-worth.

She walks us through the tools and resources she used to help heal her old wounds and shows us why embracing your authenticity and vulnerability is so important to rediscovering your true self.

Hear how Ashley turned her trauma into triumph and the incredible impact she is having on entrepreneurial women today.

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About Ashley

Ashley Pereira is an entrepreneur, mentor, child sexual abuse and suicide attempt survivor, mom and speaker.

She’s the woman talking about the things “you aren’t supposed to talk about.” Like Abuse, Assault, Trauma, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Faith, and Women’s Empowerment.

Ashley is the founder of, host and founder of the The Worthy Womanpreneur Membership & Podcast of the same name, founder of Free Skin Company and co-creator of the Sell Me Your Story Workshop.

Her mission is to empower women and trauma survivors to elevate their confidence, achieve balance, and thrive in business and life, with heart and faith-centered values. Through digital workshops, group coaching, speaking engagements and podcasts, she inspires individuals to unlock their true potential.

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