Kelly Ruta: Finding Strength While Battling a Chronic Illness

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Kelly Ruta has been a licensed therapist for over two decades and although she has the skills to manage many of the challenging things we face in life, nothing could have prepared her for the hardship she has faced over the past 4 years. 

In 2020, Kelly got Covid and believed that after a few weeks of quarantine and some over-the-counter medications she would be back to normal. She never imagined that 4 years later her body would still be suffering from the virus. 

In this episode, we talk about what life as a therapist battling a chronic illness is really like, the effect it had on her family dynamic and the unexpected blessings she found along the way. 

We discussed everything from mindset to practicing gratitude to building a book of evidence, finding the strength to surrender to the unknown and how to choose your hard. 

Kelly shares what helped her get through some of the darkest times in her life and helped shape her into a stronger and more resilient person. 

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About Kelly

Kelly Sullivan Ruta is a seasoned clinical psychotherapist with two decades of experience who made a leap into the coaching world to help entrepreneurs create an ultimate inner operating system for rapid scaling without rapid breakdown.

Kelly believes entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to create a massive positive impact on the planet. But she also knows that no strategy, plan, or tactic will ever outperform one’s mindset, limiting beliefs, conditioned programs, or habits. She is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and their teams do deep inner work, including building Emotional Agility as a power skill. 

Kelly is a hardcore introvert, Starbucks addict, 9 Quickstart and Enneagram 8. Her soul calls the beach home. When she isn’t working, she’s hanging with her ride-or-die besties, has her head in a book or is with her husband and two (mostly grown) sons.

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