Travis Ala: Overcoming a Life-Changing Car Accident

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Travis Ala was an off-duty police officer involved in an accident that killed 3 people (2 teenagers and a father) when his car collided with theirs.

This highly decorated officer and military veteran went from being seen as a hero in his community… to facing harsh criticism and hostility from the community and online.

He struggled with deep depression after he walked away from the accident uninjured, leaving him confused about why he survived… and the others didn’t. This accident forced him to face some very hard things in life that went all the way back to his childhood.

In this episode, Travis shares how he made it through the dark times and how he turned this tragedy into something positive.

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About Travis

Travis Ala is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, leader, and warrior. Before finding his calling to impact impressionable lives, Travis was a Marine, an undercover police detective, and also served as the SWAT team leader. Although an unfortunate turn of events caused him to retire his badge, Travis helps others overcome struggles to find their purpose and reach their dreams. As a thought leader in adversity, Travis has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, and the Steve Weatherford Show.

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