Shana Bresnahan: Transforming Family Betrayal, Shame & Pain into Power and Purpose

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Shana Bresnahan grew up in Brentwood, TN just outside of Nashville. From the outside looking in, her family was perfect. They were known very well in their small community, she was successful in school, top of her class and cheer captain. 

But her world was turned upside down in 8th grade when her father was incarcerated.

Her family was no longer loved and welcomed by her community, her teachers turned on her and she learned at a young age that while community has the incredible power to heal, it has just as much power to hurt. 

In this episode she shares the coping mechanisms she turned to at a young age, how faith played a significant role in her healing and the life-changing power of discovering her true identity. 

We talk about everything from forgiveness, setting boundaries in relationships and keeping a book of evidence to chronicle our struggles and triumphs so that we never forget how much we’ve overcome and are reminded of our growing resilience and strength.

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About Shana

After a successful marketing career in the traditional corporate space, Shana shifted her focus toward entrepreneurship in 2012. As the CEO of Community Cultivated, she advises top-tier subscription businesses on implementing innovative, community-driven strategies to boost retention rates.

Dedicated to empowering teams to maximize profits by creating a thriving community, Shana’s system-based approach lays the groundwork for sustainable growth, increased member engagement, and long-term scalability.

With a decade of prominent experience in the online community and marketing space, Shana is a frequent speaker and guest expert.

Tune in to her weekly show, Community Creators, for tried-and-true strategies and practical tips that will help you build an irresistible community.

A Nashville native, Shana is a proud mom of four and a doting grandmother. When she’s not working, she indulges in avocado, game nights, roller-skating, and lakeside getaways.

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