Marly Brodsky: From Homeless Immigrant to Healthcare Innovator

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Marly spent much of her childhood as a homeless immigrant in America. Her family struggled to find work and keep a stable roof over their head… and food was quite scarce.

So how’s it possible that this young girl would go on to completely change America’s health system? The answer may surprise you…

This episode of The Resilience Factor is filled with nuggets of fatherly wisdom… a never-give-up attitude and a huge desire to succeed.

This interview filled me with so much hope and was a great reminder that our past (or even our current situations) do NOT predict our future. There’s still plenty of time to achieve all you want and be who you are destined to be. 

If you need some encouragement today, this is the episode for you.

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About Marly

Marly Brodsky is a trailblazing figure in healthcare and organizational growth. She is the CEO of MedCompanion LLC, co-founder of Odyssey Protection Services and the visionary behind Ella Inspira, Inc. 

With a commitment to public health, she innovatively merges roles in MedCompanion to enhance patient experiences. Marly’s dedication extends globally, having worked with the Ngobe-Bugle tribe in Panama, addressing health disparities. At Odyssey Protection Services, she excels in security training and compliance, prioritizing safety for communities, businesses, and schools. 

Through Ella Inspira, Marly guides organizations to sustainable growth with strategic leadership and operational expertise. Her impactful approach has left a lasting legacy and garnered recognition in publications and speaking engagements, showcasing her expertise in healthcare, public health, and safety.

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