Lea Turner: How a Mom Survived 3 Years of Life Altering Experiences

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In this episode...

Lea Turner is a mom of 5 children who had her whole world turned upside down during a 3-year period of tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. 

She was still hurting from the pain of one loss, when another one would hit.

In this episode Lea shares how she was able to keep going day-by-day during a time where nothing seemed to be going right. From losing her father to cancer, a house fire, a child addicted to drugs and more. 

If you feel like the hits just keep on coming… and you don’t know how you’ll keep going… and you wonder if your life will ever be “normal” again… this episode is for you.

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About Lea

Lea Turner is an author, speaker, and grief coach. In 2015, she started a blog; however, in 2019, Leah completely stopped writing. She began experiencing grief and loss, including her father succumbing to cancer, losing the family home in a fire, and a son dealing with drug addiction. Finding her faith in God gave her the strength and resilience to persevere. Leah once again returned to blogging, sharing God’s scriptures and personal healing, and in 2024, she will release her memoir — Freedom to Feel: Finding God in Grief and Trauma.


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