Jessye Wilden: Finding Beauty and Hope in Tragedy and Loss

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Jessye’s story started when she and her husband were approached by her sister-inlaw and her husband with a simple question: Will you look after our kids if anything happens to us?

They never imagined that years later, a homicide/suicide event would rob two children of their parents, tear two families apart, create chaos within their small town and test their faith in God.

Searching for answers and discovering how to heal after such a devastating tragedy is harder than words can explain. But somehow, Jessye and her family have created beauty from the ashes and found peace and joy in their lives again.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to have joy after any hard life experience – this episode is for you.

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About Jessye

Jessye Wilden is a motivational speaker, writer, and best-selling author of We Wrote Your Name in Color — a memoir on her journey through tragic loss, grief, and healing. She uses storytelling to inspire healing and offer practical tools for finding hope amidst adversity through public speaking, writing, and interviews on her family’s podcast, The Molden Cast. Jessye resides in Mount Shasta, California, with her husband and five children.

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