Cari Kenzie: The Healing Journey of a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

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In 2013, Cari Kenzie was a runner in the Boston Marathon. She had just completed the marathon when 2 bombs went off near her, which took the lives of 3 people and left more than 260 injured. 

She believed she walked away uninjured externally, but the invisible impact of this traumatic event turned into Epstein-Barr, Lyme disease, seizures and several other unexpected illnesses. 

It would take several doctors and months of research before she realized the bombing and her illnesses were actually connected. 

In this episode, Cari will absolutely blow your mind with the methodology she used to not only heal her physical illness, but create a healthy and whole reality for herself today. For this runner, the power of subconscious healing was the ultimate finish line. 

In our conversation, we go deep into the exact solutions you can implement to begin your own healing journey. I can’t wait for you to meet her and learn more about her story.

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About Cari

Amidst the chaos of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Cari Kenzie’s world shifted. Although untouched physically, the emotional aftermath challenged everything she knew. From this trauma, and her own battles with chronic illnesses, Cari embarked on a transformative journey. Today, she stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, guiding successful individuals who’ve felt life’s unexpected rug-pulls to rediscover the confidence and resilience they’ve lost in silence.

As a keynote speaker, Quantum Transformational Coach, host of the chart-topping podcast Curiosity. Clarity. Empowerment. and,a previous multi-million dollar marketing agency owner, Cari’s influence is multifaceted. Her narrative isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about reigniting the fire in those who’ve dimmed their own lights. Featured in Entrepreneur, Runners World, Medium, Minnesota Voyager, and many more, Cari’s story and expertise resonate powerfully.

For those seeking to illuminate the path from adversity to empowerment, Cari Kenzie shines as the guiding light.

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