Amy Post: Balancing Gratitude, Self-Care and Grace While Advocating For Her Daughter’s Life

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Nearly a decade ago, life for Amy, her husband and 2 kids was going well. But her world was turned upside down when her daughter was diagnosed with malignant liver cancer at just 3 years old. 

She took on the job of becoming an advocate for her daughter’s treatment as she underwent a liver transplant, several rounds of chemotherapy, infusions, transfusions and stent placements. 

Despite this incredibly painful and uncertain time for her family, Amy fought for improvements in the hospital system and remained hopeful for her daughter’s life. 

In this episode, Amy shares how leaning into discomfort helped her navigate such a difficult time and how the power of perspective and living in the moment gave her the strength to show up every day. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult health battle, I know her story will fill you with hope and faith for the future. 

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About Amy

Amy Post worked in medical sales for twenty years and has recently moved into the author and podcaster space. She became an advocate for her daughter when she was diagnosed with malignant liver cancer at 3 years old. Through this experience, she found the strength and the ability to advocate for herself and others where she initially wouldn’t have thought possible. She has since made it her mission to create supportive community groups in order to encourage, uplift, and inspire others who have gone through traumatic situations. The courage and determination it takes to go through the valley of death is all too real. 

She is the mother of two amazing children, a son and a daughter, both teens, and has been a wife to the most supportive and incredible husband for over sixteen years. Amy finds peace when spending time with God in the outdoors. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, running, biking, or simply being outside. She says that family time can’t be recreated and is the most valuable time we have. 

In the next phases of life, Amy dives into helping others create the person they want to be but haven’t taken the leap due to challenges holding them back. Amy’s mantra is to Invest in YOU!

Life is what you make of it. Amy lives every day to the fullest because life is precious and unpredictable. Stop at nothing to chase your dreams! The cost of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

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